Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How the small islands in Caribbean are full of famous musicians - aka some news from Saint Martin

It's already some week that I came down to Saint Martin to do my IDC (Instructor development course)and IE (Instructor exams) to become dive instructor. At the end ended up with middle ear squeeze,hearing deficiency and sitting in the office at this moment.
But that is not the thing I would like to talk about :)
I just wanted to write something as I haven't published yet any of the articles which I have hanging in the draft. And decided,as I am getting deaf right now,to send you some music fromlocal production.
As I am sitting in the office here in Anse Marcel,someone knocked on my door with a huge smile,seing this person every day and greeting him like everyone here bon jour I have never got answer. Till he came right now himself to present. He presented himself like Jahbah,living on the island for already 30 years,born in dominica,playing all around caribbean reggue.  And showed me directly one song of them :)
The clip is not a great thing,but somehow I like the music!
I really like the sound and as well he is quite popular around Guadalupe,Martinique. Singing in English,Spanish,Criole,Papiamento and French.

The thing is that remebered me how I always used to go to Virgen Gorda with tourists and meet some friends over there,from which each of them claimed to be musician. And finally I looked up for some songs from my friend Elvis White,who plays quite a lot for Richard Branson and found one smily videoclip from here. Here it comes - Elvis White and Sexy waist - nice soca

Now just to find some music from Lili,who used to play all around the world and I always love to meet him when I get down to the Baths... But that's another quest!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the music and I will try to give some news soon though... Even though that I owe you guys a loads of BVIlandish,Saint Martinish,Antiguis news.
Just one thing - remeber - each island has a different spirit and even one island - like St. Martin/Sint Maarten are actually two worlds apart.

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  1. I just found you through the wonderful world of google. Great blog :) Alan