Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I hitchhiked from Piestany to Prague and back with some tips and tricks and stories (usual trip)

Well guys, as I use to do this kind of trip normally and I used to do it before and now on I just made 2 instruction videos. I am not sure if there are any more hitchhikers in Piestany,but it could would for someone who would go from Prague anywhere east or south - like Austria,Slovakia,Poland,Hungary etc.
And of course I will write down some little story for u from these last crazy days.

I know that this video is bit long,but I am just showing u around the places like where did I use to live and where I am staying at this moment,more or less telling u about slovakia and Piestany,what do we have there,showing u some parts. I wanted to make the video till the prague,but my battery on my mobile phone just simply died passing Brno. Anyway the rides going to Prague werent very interesting. I managed to make it on 3 stops,and I havent waited more than 2 minites. Actually the second stop from the border of czech republic I caught going out from the first car and showing my thumb of running to the main road.
Main "pull" for Prague from northern part of Slovakia starts in Trenčín
This is the way I went and this is the way I came back as well :)
So as u can see from the map the main norther pull for Prague starts around Trenčín. U would say that would be probably much easier to go cross - directly from Piestany crossing Hodonin to Brno and then hit the highway. Thats the way how the bus is going. But its not it,there are lot of small villages and towns which slows u down and its quite hilly,so not many people are passing trough. The highway from Bratislava to Povazska Bystrica is the fastest and mostly used for moving around. So u easily get a ride to Trenčín and then u connect on main pull where all the truck and carrs going from the north  and east are comming trough :)
The ride is about 366km how say the googlemaps,but with the bus takes about 5 to 6 hours. Hitchhiking even going longer way u can get till up to 4 hours of nonstop confortable ride and especially in generaly with very nice people (slovaks from north and moravians - eastern part of Czech republic are very nice and funny people).

The way back was the same track,but from Prague to Piešťany,this is bit more difficult after Brno and especially at night.
How to get to Hitchhiking spot in Prague

I was leaving Prague quite late tonight about 6 pm even though that there are long days and short nights over here (the sun goes down in about 10 pm and rises about 5 am) I was worried about the night situation and  I was even considering going to Bratislava,for the artifical light condition of the city.
As on the main pull if u stay in some part with is without lights u are doomed and at night noone will pick u up there,especially exit to highway next to Trenčín doesnt have any lights and there use to be pitchblack night. Means that u could get easily run over. And people doesnt really want to stop.
Here I made a small video for u who are lazy to look on maps and read some stuff which is telling u how to get very famous hitchhiking spot in Prague direction east/south from Prague.
As u would see there were some other hitchhikers as well,going to Humpolec,who stayed even there,when I was already gone. (But I changed the spot and went directly to the highway - not recommened for people who are scared of direct confrontation with a car or a truck,but surely u will get ride in about max 10 minutes. On higher exit u can wait for about one hour ot two,as the most of the people are not going really out of Prague,they are just heading for surrounding villages or South to Ceske Budejovice - which is exit about 20 km from there)

One tip I would give u if u stay on upper exit - get a sign telling Brno or Slovakia or whatever u like,the people will react as its very famous spot and there are always loads of hitchhikers.
Once I met there a friend with his new girlfriend whom I havent seen for about 2 or 3 years,as we were studding together and then he disappeared for studies to england and then to Holland. And we got a ride all of us - at that moment we were 5,we got a ride like refuges from Afganistan on the back of the truck,locked in the dark.I was hitching then with one friend from Costa Rica and we were going to Brno for a visit. Anyway,we had so much to tell that time that we stayed talking in Brno till late night with several beers :)
Then u realise how the world could be small and the people who have to meet will meet anyhow!
Again back to exit: Exlude from your asking look cars with number plates of A (Prague - Capital) and S (stredocesky kraj - central czech region - means surroundings of Prague).

to my ride back,it was quite fun as I got ride by german truck driven by turkish driver :) And my turkish is almost forgotten and lost. Almost as bad as my Romanian,which I realised that is almost nonexistent at this moment. But from turkish I was able to lead basic conversation when I was leaving Turkey almost 2 years ago after 3 weeks of hitchhiking over there:)
So,I was talking with my rubbish turkish mixed with german and I felt like champion in german speaking as I could say everything I needed at that moment. And I understood all what was told to me.
Turkish are always very nice and hospitable and may times very funny people. They have different body expressions than the europeans from my part of europe,but maybe I will write about this another time on another place. Anyway,the interesting thing was that I got to know that he was actually going from Hamburg to kurdish part of Turkey. And that he was doing the routes to Iran as well and to Dubai. So,guys!
QWho wants to go hitchhiking to Dubai? Let me know,I would know how :D
At the end He had to stop close to Jihlava because of time driving restrictions on european roads - means 4,5 hour then hour break. And I went out to look for my luck! It was already raining. I helped my turkish driver to choose the baguete without pork ("Yeah,its quite funny,when someone ask u: Please,could u tell me in which is no pig?":D Tavuk won the prize (tavuk means the chicken,which reminds me slovak word pavuk - spider, just the memotechnic help - imagine geneticly modified chicken with 8 legs and it will stay in your mind forever:D )
The first person who went out from service station building I asked and he was the slovakian with number plate on his truck ZA (means Zilina - means my way:)  And that was my ride. We were abotu many things,especially I was finally openy talking about all the things in some order of South America and my travel.
And at the end even though he was going about 30kms more northern and had to stay with the truck already,he dropped me home,really close to the place where I live :) Nice person :) And that would be it!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Human trafficking in South America

I am not sure if I really should be writing about this if I really want to come back to some states I have been and especially the stated which are highly involved in bussiness of human trafficing and the government somehow doesnt do anything or even support this kind of bussiness or even try to threaten the people who are trying to rescue the victims of human trafficing,but I will try to write what I heared (do its just the information from the second had especially - from the members of the affected victims,from the friends and as well  member of organisations who are working with the victims)
I first met with human trafficing stuff in Brasil,where they are at least trying to do something against this as the sex bussiness is very popular and common in Brasil - I can recommend to see the movie Anjos do Sol  - all on youtube - I am putting on the link for interested.)
When I was in Buenos Aiers I had a really long talk with one peruvian girl,who explained me especially the practiques of the argentinian gangs of human trafficing,where one of her friend was kidnapped directly after taking a taxi from the center of Buenos Aires and afterwards raped and trown in the forest,being lucky that they havent kidnapped her and havent brought her directly to the borders from Argentina and Paraguay/Bolivia or Brazil - Missiones and Corrientes,where I had the option to be later on on the roads,where the victims could be brought.
Litteraly there is one settlement in 200km in the middle of nowhere and almost no cars or trucks are stopping,even if u manage to run away (as there are later police barrers - for cocain search of the trafficants. Even though in eventually 4 police stops I have been stopped and my bag was pulled out just once to be sniffed by a dog,even though that if the driver had several kilos of cocain inside,they wouldnt find it,as the dog or even the police controler havent entered the truck. And it was close to Paraguayan border. The only control which really controled,but just me - they havent taken off my things,nor nothing (how the chilians do on the border to enter,if u are not carying some kind of biological material - jams,food or whatsoever),but just took out my backpack and let it sniffed by a dog. Would the dog smell the cocain,if it was inside of the dirty socks plastic bag,I am asking? Not that I would smuggle something ...)

Just for ilustration of what kind of abandoned areas we are talking about... Normally the settlement there is very small - and I am taling about workers there. I have been close to the village which has about 800 inhabitants and then about 100km nothing. At this video which I would put on,u will really see afterwards,how are the areas empty... Even if u managed to escape - the people who are moving trough these pampas are just people who would know who they are looking for.

I was told in Buenos Aires,as during the night I was followed by several taxis,to never take a taxi alone,neither by the company which is not known and secured to dont be kidnapped.
When I got to Peru,the stories started to be more drastic and the people started to be more worried about me hitchhiking alone. As the peruvians itself are calling other peruvians"manosos y peligrosos",maniacs and dangerous,mainly during the daylight u will be fine,just during the night u should be really careful and even the secured cars and people who would stop for u the police on the posts could be quite dangerous.
I was hitchhiking at night from Arequipa to Tacna,as the borders were blocked for the strike and I needed to get to Bolivia and that time and running down from Antiplano from Juliaca and Puno exacly at that moment.
I got to police control,who were so nice and were stopping me cars/buses/trucks just to ask,if they are going my direction and it was on the main officer to decide if they are safe or not. 
I could leave much sooner,but by his sight I got to know that there was quite a wrong people even offering the ride and for my security,he stopped one bus for me. Of course free of charge to continue back to the chilian border. I got in talk with the drivers as I was sitting in front and I got to know that kidnapping and selling the girls for prostitution is quite common in Peru. Heared from them about the story of two girls from Lima,who got promissed the work of voluntary in Antiplano. Then they had been driven to Juliaca,where they got closed with old drunk man in one room for 2 days and then they managed to free from there. Hitchhiking back to Lima,without no money. The main driver met them in Arequipa,trying to earn some soles to get back home to Lima. And he offered them to pay them passage back and as well the call home ("the girls were crying to the phone to their family,as they couldnt get in contact for about 3 weeks,u know").
As the same driver was talking he told the story of his niece,which was kidnapped and brought to Maldonado and they managed to get her back after 2 years. Maldonado is considered as one of the places where are brought the victims of trafficing and without the way back home.
The another story starts when I got to Bolivia and I have seen the situation over there. And as well as easily would be to get lost in somewhere of nowhere with no people even having interest to help u in anything.
When I was in La Paz I got to one party or celebration of people from high circles how we would say. Embasadors,people from United nations,some reporters and documentarists,people from human rights organization. And in this point I would like to stop a bit.
I had a quite a long talk with a girl from one organization which should be supported by bolivian goverment for refugees and victims of human trafficing. The girl when we were talking was crying from helplessness and fear. And at this moment,even though I tried to contact with her,she is not responding the emails.
They have many cases in the office of human trafficing each day and they have been threatened by underground organisations for billions of times. Threats of death,hurting their families etc. The goverment of bolivia doesnt really support them and have no ineterst in solving this issue.
The strongest story the girl told me,when we were talking was about little boy. The boy who was sold by their  grandparents in vision of better life to Chile.They have been contacted with the message by chilian police to come to pick him up,as he was found uncounsoius beaten up almost to death,abused in the middle of the desert of Atacama near San Pedro. The boy was sold when he was about 11,being systematicly tortured,abused and misused till the one decided to get rid of him. When he was found. The Bolivians brought him back to Bolivia,found the parents,called them. None of them was really interested to take the boy with them. The boy was in miserable state in hospital in La Paz. He wasnt able to talk,to eat,holding on life with very tiny string. They contacted his grandparents,who were up to taking the boy with them to their small village. But as the girl said "Thanks to god,the boy died,before they manage to take him away. After 2 weeks of fight for the life. In La Paz. He would be just a load for them and inaccaptable part in the society in a small village of hardworkers. He is better now." No charges had been risen. No investigation had been held.
Even though that they would have all the information to find out...
This is the way how it works in South America ... 
U got lost,u will never be find,if someone is not looking for u. 
And even though they look,the gangs and mafias are strong enough,that with a lot of ransom u wouldnt get out of this dirty bussness.... And goverments support this over there and close their eyes.

They are not for sale!
With one Lie,they can make u a slave
No,to Human trafficking!
The comercial on Brazilian Border!
For more information,please look for the book of Lydia Cacho - Esclavas de Poder (its the study of 5 years especially about human trafficing and trafficing for prostitution in south america,far east asia,middle east,africa, and Europe)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How and mainly why I am back to Europe

Well,how many of u know,or even dont know as in some point I stopped writing,I am back home again.
I was trying to get some job in Santiago de Chile and when I got to know the conditions,with which they
Haluska party,Cooking with Pali -
Another slovakian which appeared
to be in Santiago at the same time :)
I thank a lot for Palis help
and support!  (and as well
of other great people I met in Chile)
would be able to make me a contract - as I was there just on tourist visa,the conditions for the companies were highly unrentable - like paying a fine of 600 dolars plus buying a ticket back to my country before subscribing any contract with u and be able to make u work visa there.  tried to do my best and did some events - like Haluska or Bramborak Praty,where who wanted could leave some contribution. And as well,I was trying to teach english,at the beginig I was offering as well french and portuguese and german,but when my phone was taken and many people had the number and promised to come for classes,couldnt reach me,I have just printed the annoucments with English teaching.
StrudelBeawer :D

The trouble in Chile is,that yes,many people call everyday,many people wants classes,but at the end,even though u have arranged something,and even regular students u have to run after them,with confirmations etc ...
It was highlytireing and at the end of all most of the people were just simply lying  and I resigned on them,listening on the phone how they need urgently classes,the next day before leaving the house with eveything prepared they send email to tell u that they are not inerested anymore. Not even message on the phone,nor even call,but email - as its for free and u are obviously 24/7 online.
Well,I heared many lies and promises in Santiago, and this was one of the reasons why I decided to packed it over there from my financial part. That wouldnt be though and though the moving motor to make me come back. I got messages from my parents that my Grandma is very bad on it with health and during the time I was in Santiago,she ended up 3 times in hospital with different troubles. And it looked very bad.
She asked me to come back before ... And even though I was thinking about it billion times again and again,it was one of the moving motors,or at least the strongest one which made me to make a final decision.
As who knows a bit our culture,knows as well,that the grandparents are the people who rise u up at the end,as your parents never are there or doesnt have any interest to spend time with u.
Soy Chilena! :D
The third reason which made me to make a definite move and its the things which will decide what will be with me later on is that when I was still in Buenos Aires,was the highest time to apply for next year back in Czech Republic for University. And I was telling it many times,I would love to study again and different subject that I did and that is Diplomacy. Even though I wouldnt like to "play a ball" how we say,for any state,but I am highly interested in projects of development,human rights, spreading the education etc... U would say,for this u dont have to study again for a years,the things is there is an offer to study different languages as well during the time on university and there are lot of scholarships available for a students to go study the thing abroad and apply what they learnt. When I was somewhere outhere I as well realised that I need some base of economics and finance management,as that would be the thing which would make me to be financialy independent and do whatever I want.(met some people on my trip who did it and who are actually at this moment working on being absolutely independent and live their adventures).So... Lets see,how everything will go on. And I would like to learn Arabic as well :) The magical language - that I wouldnt be able to do in south,central or even north america. (I tried to got to some course in Buenos Aires,but it was the level intermediate and I was too in hurry to stay few weeks for a tests,I am crazy bum :P).
What else? Though this is an explanaition,I will write more about my travel later on. As on my was back I crossed Peru,Bolivia and Paraguay to get Back to Brazil to spend 24hours in Rio and get my ass back to Sao Paolo to catch my flight,all hitch-hiking. And after arrival to Barcelona get my ass nonstop running to Slovakia (as in Prague was raining when I was passing by and it was 2 am and I didnt have anything arranged there,without my phonenumbers,as they stayed in another phone,I would have to stay the night on the street waiting till the morning in rain). So I picked continuing till Slovakia :)
But thats another story I will tell u later on!