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How to hitchhike from Berlin(Germany) direction to Czech Republic and how I did it after all

Alexander Platz -> Ost Creuz ->
 Treptower -> Flughafen Shonefeld
So,my dears :)
I have was in Germany on the beginning of the last month and I went hitchhiking as well. I would like to write you hear how I got out of Berlin,as its quite complicated and how I really reached Prague afterwards.
So,wherever you are in Berlin you still have to get to Ostcreuz by some S-Bahn or U-Bahn.
There is no direct connection to the south from Ostcreuz and they made some change which is not in the plans of Berlin Metro.
So you have to jump on some train which is going direction Treptower (stairtower),its just one station with S8 and then change for the train which is going to the Airport. There by some other manuals u can get out on Altgleinicke or Grunbergalle - where u are still far away from the highway and from the main junction. I havent tried these exits,so I cant tell.
I went to Flughafen Shonefelfd (I am sorry,I dont have the o with 2 punkts for german readers) - what is the airport.
From here you just follow the sign to the highway saying Dressden.
When u get there you will see a ramp heading directly to highway. I dont have to remind you,that there is no speed limit in Germany,so you will be directly in the hitzone of starting rockets for the 200km/hour run on the highway. But at that point the cars are not going too fast. Here I made a video for you,where I am explaining everything.

Metro plan of Berlin
Hitchhiking on this ramp is quite complicated as there is not much space to stop and even though they will stop for you,you have to be quick to get in. Be carefull as there is just further on like 10 km from this junction,another junction which is to the highway leading to Leipzig and then one leading to Poland. And its connection to Big Berliner Ring - the huge highway ring which is going all around berlin with a distance of 20-50 km out of the city - so you could be taken anywhere. Anyway Liepzing could work for going to CZ,just it will take you bit longer time. Many people will refused to take you to different direction (I had a stop for Leipzing,but somehow they claimed that there is no way how to get from over there direction to CZ,not everybody is carrying the map in the head and I have already done that track before trough Leipzing from Prague - took me 4 hours. I was really lucky that time.)
And maybe you would do better to take the Leipzig way,as going around Dressden is quite complicated.Big city with its ring and a lot of traffic and too many junctions,which can take you anywhere. From Leipzig they are just pushing up to the north or down to the south- meaning Czech Republic.
Anyway I picked up the Dressden way to mae it differently this time. But it was a fight. Firsly to find someone who takes you further on the entrance of the highway in Germany is difficult. If they already take you and as I dont carry a map with me from the time I lost one long long time ago (didnt carry any even in South America,I somehow always scan the road to my head and if I forget,then the driver would help out).

My first ride was lady which was going from a Market,where she was selling clothes. She was going home - direction Polish border. That I found out in the moment we passed the exit for Leipzing and she said that the next one is hers. Great,standing on a highway again with these racers. Cool,who is more suicidal? I would still have to write how I got ot Berlin ;)
Anyway,I jumped out and lifted my thumb. (In germany you can wait for police quite a long time to come and take you to some safe place). Anyway,I was lucky,in few minutes stopped a car. The mister was working on building new railways for S and U-bahns,funny chap and I had something like 4 hours of german conversation for free :) He really made my day. We hit around 50 km away from the Dressden one Stau - traffickjam,because of some accident,so I had the chance to see the part of Germany which is close to Poland with its funny Polish names written in the part of Germany. The part called Klatzko.
And then he decided to drive trough Dressden as I have never been there before and show me around with a car. I would really need to come back one day as it really seemed wonderful! And I have finaly new camera,so the photos shouldnt be that rubbish as it was with my old phone ;)
As he was going about 20 km behind Dressden my direction,I was lucky to hit the highway going down to Prague. The sun was already falling and the rest of the light left to me. I had half an hour to catch someone. But the third or the fourth car stopped and took me to Prague. The guy was going to Austria - this way is a passage from Germany to Austria,so there is some traffic (in comparation with some czech roads on the north).Not much to say,just that the person who I was sitting next to really hated people from East Block and poverty and the poor countries and the developing countries,something like talking again with some people from Sao Paulo,but he was more arogant and so sure with his own situation in life and his own wealth.Even though he knew that I am slovak and its the part of east,he wasnt arogant to me,but to the people on the gasstation who were from Slovakia and as well the negative horrified talks about how the people live in Romania just simply made me feel very uncofortable. Anyway,there should be always someone "chato" (boring,bothering,annoying) on the way,shouldnt it? ;)
The pure time of travel: 5 hours (even with a traffick jam)
I left at 3 pm and arrived at 8 to the perifery of Prague.

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