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Common expressions and not that common in Guarani (or whatever my libreta - small notebook) was able to write down in Paraguay

When I arrived after long run trough Argentinian nowhere land crossing from Bolivia to Formosa,Clorinda,where the number of people in the small settlements dont rise up to 800 or 1000 inhabitants in several hundered kilometers or in brazil it would be called cachinga vegetation. I arrived after one day and night to Capital of Paraguay - Asuncion. (I will write about the travel later on - it was quite interesting and I made some videos as well).

I knew that someone is going to be waiting for me over there and I managed to contact the person at the end.
Without any guaranis in my pocket I managed to get to the city to the spot I was indicated to stay and wait.
Well,asking me how I got there for free was - I walked,try to hitch - as I was already in the city and the place seemed to be hell far far away. So I stopped the public transport bus and the driver on my beggings plz plz I dont have any guaranis,can I still go with u? Just vawed with his hand I we went.

As I got to the spot,I managed to call and had to wait for about one hour for the person to appear. At that moment I met the controllers of the busses,who were sitting there where I have put my bag and were making the lines in their small cuadernillos ;) when the bus came and if :)
I got an invitattion for Terere,which I had to courtesly refuse,as I am alergic to matein (anyway,though all my alergies,my curiosity was always stronger and I took a sip later on)
Terere is typical drink from this area and its cold Mate. U just put cold water on Mate and normaly Mate over in Paraguay is mixed with different kind of herbs which should be good for health - like mint.
We got in funnyc onversation with the guys and I started to make my Guarani vocabulary (as I really love to learn new languages and I used to know several people who spoke fluent Guarani and loved this language- which gave me much more curiosity).

If u would be interested how the Guarani sounds here comes the video
Its one year old,from my first trip to Foz de Iguazu and as I got translation out of one girl in Buenos Aires who was from Paraguay - The other truck driver is asking him,if he has already conquisted me. And the guy is saying Negative,negative :D

Ok, and now will come the vocabulary which I managed to write down from our conversation with bus controlers:) So dont take this serious,but could be useful for u later on. Anyway,paraguayos are one of the nicest people I have ever met,being even very funny,caring and helpful :)
Please the pronounciation read in Spanish not in English like E is E not I,Sh is like in englis, ö is like hungarian ö,ü is read like russian strong y, h - like in english,ch like in english or spanish cha cha cha :)

Hola - Hi - Baile Porte!
Q tal - How are u? - Pa ete go?
Como se llamas? What's your name? - Pa eisha de leera?
Me llamo - My name is ... She sherera ...
A donde va? - Where are u going? - Poore ho?
Quiero ir contigo - I want to go with u - Che a ha sendive
lejos - far - Mömbürü 
No hablo Guaraní - I don´t speak Guaraní - Che nañi  ei guaraní
No entiendo Guaraní - I dont understeand Guaraní - Che natendei Guaraní 
Cuanto cuesta? - How much is it? - Pou o vale?

agua - water ü
comida - food - tembiu
hambre - hunger - varea
Tengo sed - I am thirsty ü ei
Quiero comprar comida - I want to buy food - Che ato guase tembiu

Me duele ojo - I have an eye ache - Asy se cheresa
diente - tooth - tai  
dedo - fingerünlsa
nariz - nose -
cuelho - neck - ayura
mano - hand - po
boca - mouth - yurú

Yo voy -  I am going  Che a ha
Yo - I - Che 
Vos - U - Nde
El/ella - he/she - ha'e

Nosotros - weñande
Vosotros -You pluralpeẽ
Ellos - Theyha'e kuéra

mio - mine - chembae
de el - his - imbae
nuestro - ours - orembae
de ellos - theirs - imbaecuera

1 - petú
2 - mokeí
3 - pohapö
4 - inundü
5 - potü
Seems that noone can count over there higher then till 5 
(they especially in Praguay speak with mixture of spanish and Guarani - especially the generation which was living during the despotic dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay from 1954 till 1989)

mujer - woman - kuña
hombre - man - ardiero
niño - boy - mitai
niña - girl - mitacuia
un hombre mayor - older man - karaí
una mujer mayor - older womanuñakaraí
joven - youngster - mitakaraí
novio - boyfriend - menarâ

Señor - Mr. - Karaí 
Señora - Mrs - kuñakaraí 
Señorita - Miss - kuñataî 
bebe - baby - mita

gato - cat - parakuya
perro - dog - takua

tarde - evening - ka’aru
manana - morning - Ko’ê
Noche - night - pyhare

Este - this - pea
arriba - up - ihuate
abajo,piso,suelo - down/ground ühuipe

piedra - rock - ita  (lot of places in brazil has name starting with Ita - close to rio there is a place called itacarai - means old's man rock as we already know ;)
doblado - doubled - caré (like Itacare - the doubled stone)
cobijar - walk with a limp - icaré
grand - big - guasu  (Do u know the huge waterfalls of Iguacu? - Its just ü - like water and guacu - big - Bigwater ;)

Paraguayos are in the things of asking the questions on relationships and how many kids or boyfriends u have the same as brazilians ;) I have been though wondering where do they have these questions from and which culture is it from,in Pragauay I found out!

Here are some Personal and sex related frases in Guarani with some coloquial bad words expressions:
No hay nada - There is nothing - En dö 
Que haces? - What are u doing? - De yapo?
Sois fea - U are ugly - Sin Deai
Como es tu hombre? - How is your man? - Pa echa delera?
Me gustas - I like u - Che utai
No me gustas - I dont like u  - Da Che utai
Te amo - I love u - Rohayhu
Eres casada? - Are u married?  -De ere mendava?
Tienes hijo ? - Do u have a child? - De ere ko membü?
Te quiero comer - I want to have sex with u - Che ro use
Cuantos novios tienes? - How many boyfriends do u have? - Bo ünde chico?
Quiero besar tus labios  - I want to kiss your lips - Ausen de derembe
Quiero comer tu boca - I want to eay your mouth - Hausende yuru
follar - to have sex with - tongo
pene - penis - tembo
concha - vagina - itatu
estupido - idiot - plaga, pachito 

Anyway the last package of words I got even without asking :D
Please take this vocabulary as the result of one hour talk with bus controllers waiting for someone to come.
But at least it was fun and in further links u can find out on your own if it was truth or not;)

For more frases:
For more things from fonetics (how to read what):

* I like more pronouciacion of Me/Yo Še - She - like the people were speaking,
not the english written version which is Che - Če 
So in this text u can find it in both variants Che and She is the same thing

Paraguay is the only country in the world where almost everybody speaks Guarani and Spanish (means about 90 percent both of the languages). Guarani is taught on schools and talked on the streets.U can find books written in Guarani and even the learning texts. For sure u will find more Guarani online if u would be looking for it :) Tupi-Guarani was the basic native language of indians living in Brazil. Nowadays there stayed just the names of the cities and places in this language in Brazil and almost noone understeands. Its a pity :(
** Read r like omething between l and r almost like english r. Thats why in my opinion in the states where were lot of guaranis in Brazil use english R in portuguese,which distiguish them from other regions - like Sao Paolo or Goiais


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