Thursday, June 16, 2011

How and mainly why I am back to Europe

Well,how many of u know,or even dont know as in some point I stopped writing,I am back home again.
I was trying to get some job in Santiago de Chile and when I got to know the conditions,with which they
Haluska party,Cooking with Pali -
Another slovakian which appeared
to be in Santiago at the same time :)
I thank a lot for Palis help
and support!  (and as well
of other great people I met in Chile)
would be able to make me a contract - as I was there just on tourist visa,the conditions for the companies were highly unrentable - like paying a fine of 600 dolars plus buying a ticket back to my country before subscribing any contract with u and be able to make u work visa there.  tried to do my best and did some events - like Haluska or Bramborak Praty,where who wanted could leave some contribution. And as well,I was trying to teach english,at the beginig I was offering as well french and portuguese and german,but when my phone was taken and many people had the number and promised to come for classes,couldnt reach me,I have just printed the annoucments with English teaching.
StrudelBeawer :D

The trouble in Chile is,that yes,many people call everyday,many people wants classes,but at the end,even though u have arranged something,and even regular students u have to run after them,with confirmations etc ...
It was highlytireing and at the end of all most of the people were just simply lying  and I resigned on them,listening on the phone how they need urgently classes,the next day before leaving the house with eveything prepared they send email to tell u that they are not inerested anymore. Not even message on the phone,nor even call,but email - as its for free and u are obviously 24/7 online.
Well,I heared many lies and promises in Santiago, and this was one of the reasons why I decided to packed it over there from my financial part. That wouldnt be though and though the moving motor to make me come back. I got messages from my parents that my Grandma is very bad on it with health and during the time I was in Santiago,she ended up 3 times in hospital with different troubles. And it looked very bad.
She asked me to come back before ... And even though I was thinking about it billion times again and again,it was one of the moving motors,or at least the strongest one which made me to make a final decision.
As who knows a bit our culture,knows as well,that the grandparents are the people who rise u up at the end,as your parents never are there or doesnt have any interest to spend time with u.
Soy Chilena! :D
The third reason which made me to make a definite move and its the things which will decide what will be with me later on is that when I was still in Buenos Aires,was the highest time to apply for next year back in Czech Republic for University. And I was telling it many times,I would love to study again and different subject that I did and that is Diplomacy. Even though I wouldnt like to "play a ball" how we say,for any state,but I am highly interested in projects of development,human rights, spreading the education etc... U would say,for this u dont have to study again for a years,the things is there is an offer to study different languages as well during the time on university and there are lot of scholarships available for a students to go study the thing abroad and apply what they learnt. When I was somewhere outhere I as well realised that I need some base of economics and finance management,as that would be the thing which would make me to be financialy independent and do whatever I want.(met some people on my trip who did it and who are actually at this moment working on being absolutely independent and live their adventures).So... Lets see,how everything will go on. And I would like to learn Arabic as well :) The magical language - that I wouldnt be able to do in south,central or even north america. (I tried to got to some course in Buenos Aires,but it was the level intermediate and I was too in hurry to stay few weeks for a tests,I am crazy bum :P).
What else? Though this is an explanaition,I will write more about my travel later on. As on my was back I crossed Peru,Bolivia and Paraguay to get Back to Brazil to spend 24hours in Rio and get my ass back to Sao Paolo to catch my flight,all hitch-hiking. And after arrival to Barcelona get my ass nonstop running to Slovakia (as in Prague was raining when I was passing by and it was 2 am and I didnt have anything arranged there,without my phonenumbers,as they stayed in another phone,I would have to stay the night on the street waiting till the morning in rain). So I picked continuing till Slovakia :)
But thats another story I will tell u later on!


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels!! I cannot wait to get back to South America!

  2. Tell me about it ... Suffering with very strong emotional storms at this moment,staying up late as the last time,as then I cant resolve anything,keeping my time distance the same way as if I lived over there :( That sucks