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Why did I go first time to Marocco in 2007

Ruler of the world on the childrens playground!
Well,I just got this question several times lately from people from the other side of water flowing in between us (Africa) and the other continet and the I decided to write for u a short story.
Its already a long time and I was much younger full of ideals and I tried to find magic in everything ;)
So,as every summer holiday on university I had to decide where to go to work and as I used to do and I knew that our economy during that time was and still is much more rubbish than on western part of Europe.
In 2005 I was in England,in 2006 I was in Ireland and this time,I stubbornly claimed that I need and want to learn Spanish and I can make it on a street as the streets are the best teacher. The motivation was as well the thing that one of my friends manage to learn spanish in 2 years and I told myself I can make it in shorter time ;)
Well,I packed my things,rose my thumb up and get to Spain. Last hitch that time I had was very long one and we got quite a good friends. We made funny things to people on different parking places - like putting the stickers - Fantomas was here in different color papers and in different languages for Czechs sleeping inside.
Yeah,sometimes I can get funnyly insane :)) And who wouldnt know - Fantomas is old French movie about guy with blue face and appears and disappears :) Well u have to see the movie.
This guy came to me when I was dying from exhaustment on the parking place in Mullhouse going without sleep and being stuck for quite a long time in Germany. German Italian - amazing personality,who crossed the jungle in between colombia to Venezuela just with his backpack and Machette (he used to be a soldier)
Anyway - I got a tip that time that if I go south to Costa del Sol - I wouldnt need that much Spanish and I can learn on the way. That suited me and I just listened to the tip. So I hopped off in Granada (as the guy was going to Cadiz that time to do the tourist guide,moving whole house from Germany to Spain) and pushed for the coast. Anyway - I just wanted to visit several places and there are connected different stories with that,but somehow after a while I made a decision. Why not to try the things in Nerja (they have the place called - Balcony of Europe- which from the name sounded amazingly good - its not that interesting anyway,but well - I used to pick the places where I will stay or see,just from the stars in the map  that time - more stars,bigger chance I come for a visit :p)
So,I jumped out of the car full of teddy bears - the vage memory on this person,who I think was a fire-fighter,but I didnt speak spanish that time and he was talking just spanish,its quite complicated anyway to have some normal conversation if u dont understeand much. And I jumped out in the Hotel district and the end of Nerja. Took my dictionary,created a sentence: Do u have a job for me here? Or do u know where can I find it? And trying to be prepared for any kind of crazy gesticulation :)
I got to know from first bar,that yeah,there is a job,just like hundereds meters direction beach. So that night I pitched a tent with a fear  that some cow will come to eat it,but managed to stay calm.
In the morning I went to ask,didnt understeand anything,just the numbers and I got a place to stay and a bike with my new shiny work. Well,the work at the end wasnt that shiny and there is lot to say about,but maybe some other time.
The work was till late hours and I used to work in Chiringuito - means bar on the beach. We normally finished at midnight or even later and we were lucky with one colleague and friend that time if we managed to get a drink a bit of lamb in another bar which wasnt closed yet :)
And then we sat on the beach,watching the vawes and talking. Yeah,my spanish was getting better. I spoke with andalusian accent,cutted the rest of the ending of teh words,speaking with strong dialect not realising that this is not real spanish :) But word after word I was learning!
So we were on the beach talking with a glass of Orujo in my hand and I asked on something which gave a lot of curiosity to me for a very long time.
What are that lights we see behind that water? What city is over there?
And Antonio replayed: "Thats already Africa." And I got more interested.
 Asking the questions: "How far we are?"Answer: "Like 18 kilometers."
 My heart started to pump faster and faster. I heared about Marocco from another friend who I hitched trough Romania just several months before. Who in one moment told me: If u think that Romania is messy,u should never go to Marocco. Which pissed me on so much,that I told myself,that I will find out what he is talking about.
Anyway,the conversation continued with my question:"Who lives over there and how are the people,have u ever met any of them?" Well,the people are barbarian and cruel and and many many things ...
And in that point I started to be much more interested... Really? U mean it?

And that was when I definitely decided that I have to go that summer to see Marocco and find out! :) 

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