Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to hitchhike from San Juan direction to Fajardo

I have been hitchhiking here just on the junction to the airport and I have seen some buses comming around,so for sure you could get to the junction which leads to the airport by bus or any public transport.
And even there is several gasstations on the Calle Celestial which is diagonal with PR23 - Interstate PR3 - called as well Experso which leads to Carolina.
You can find as well several gasstations on this road,where people stops to get the petrol,only thing is tha n  in Puerto Rico people get quite suspicious and many time would refuse to talk to you if you are on 
gasstation. They get pulled up the windows or just close the door and run away (happened to me several times in aread which haven't been considered for dangerous,what area Metropolitana - means San Juan and the subburbs and satelite cities are considered to be quite disturbing places.
Explanation: Once we went with a car to Salinas to check some boats and we had to get some petrol and there was guy who approached our car - obviously drug addict asking for a ride. In many places of PR, just the people with financial problems - especially drug addicts,alcoholics,robbers etc approach to get something or to do them something as being poor and not having a car could be considered for a crime (or not having someone who can just drive you whereever you need). So I would rather on your place prefer hitchhiking with your thumb up on the main road let people pick you up by their own will and that you are not scaring them directly.
At the spot where I was hitchhiking the cars were going quite slow and I got a ride in about 20 minutes with my huge backpack and everything. Not bad for Metropolitan area and Expresso itself which is considered to be boriquas highway.

You would have to get to Expreso Loiza somehow :)

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