Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why to dont trust any promises of chilians aka how I never got my phone back

Well the begining of the story u know already. I tried many times as my phone stayed swithced on to reach it and I was lucky. Everytime I got different answer of perso who took it,to bring me it back to Santiago and when I told him I could already had it back,if I would go south,he started to behave very stupid and bubelling.
Anyway,the last promise was on this friday and when I called to mark the meeting with the person,guess what:) He didnt picked up the phone,then when he picked up,behaved like he was stupid or deaf and then again put down the call. Then I asked some other people to call,as soon as they told my name,click. Bum... Goodbye my phone call list,my only funccional camera - as the bastards from to service even broke more the one I brought there. At least they didnt charge me anything,as I did their analyses,what they sent me before I came there and I told them right to the face that I dont want any tricks and messing up. Well this is one case.
Another thing is,when u are in Chile,most of the people lie. Naturaly... Promising the things that are not truth,telling or claiming the location to be better,metro to be closer etc,well bussiness its a bussiness,so u have to control them in anything. They are generaly very nice and great to have around on parties,but dont wait that this will be just like that. U are some value and the lucro is everywhere. In society,where they have been milked on absolute capitalism and the notion of social thinking has almost no base,there is no wonder.
So ayway,being in Chile,pay a lot of attention - robberies here has the size of real south american robberies with knives and guns and they wont be worry if u are native or foreigner. The main point is to take and whatever,eve if they would take a jacket or shoes. U will find lots of people who will try to guard u,treat u right,but still. Somehow there is something behind and be aware of that.

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