Monday, April 25, 2011

How my phone decided to travel without me to Puerto Montt

I have already mentioned that I have lost my phone in a traffic.
As I am almost always carring it in my back pocket of my trousers,this time I did the same as well.
I was comming from African dinner at Nousses place back to my official home in Santiago with the night bus from Providencia to Center(where I live now) and was listening to the music as well.
In that moment,as usual someone started to talk to me in the bus.
Chilians like to talk to foreigners on the bus and I always hand away my number in case that someone would like
some english,portuguese or frech or german classes. I started to talk to someone as I wasnt sure where to get out off the bus and somehow and I believe that how it happened,my phone stayed on the seat and I jumped out.
As the person stepped out with me talking talking talking,heading more or less partly my direction I kept being bussy finding out,what I dont really remeber what was it.
When I got home,I wanted to upload some video I made the other day and maybe put on some photos finally - as its very long time that I published something,as I was warn and some people got really worried. Where am I and what I am doing :) What a sweet thing of them :)
Anyway,I got home and someone who I used to be in contact trough net when before in argentina had in my mind that I would like to look for a job in Chile started to write. As I found out that I dont have my phone,I asked him to try to call the number... The phone was ringing,ringing,ringing ...
And finally someone picked it up,all sleepy,saying that its in San Pablo (end of the red line) and works somewhere else. And that he would like to give back the phone. And in that moment my battery over there on the other end of the line died (as I use my phone as well as mp3 player - in that momet I was bumping my head against the wall for doing that). Silence,my phone is dead,in San Pablo and my friend told me that the person is bit slow in thiking,yeah... well when u wake up someone at 2 am that could happen.
Waiting. Insecurity. Do I have to buy new number. In that day I have put some advertisements and some people already called me that they would like classes! And I have lost them :( What to do? Will he call tomorrow? Will he charge the phone? Is he really willing to give it back or just making fun of me?
This happened on tuesday night. The day after I had planned one Slovak travel charity dinner in my new place and many people were invited. Damn! Waited,but preparing what I meant to prepare.
Nothing,but as I was busy preparing,hosting and orgaizing the event,I just somehow didnt suffer with the lack of my phone. The next day still left a lot of ingredients and one friend suggested me to make continue - second day. So I kept my mind busy. On the second Slovak dinner party called Bramborak came the friend who I knew just from internet,who talked to the guy with my phone and told me the news!
My phone was charged! Thats the GOOD NEWS!
And my phone is in Puerto Montt! Opa,thinking why he didnt took me with silently in my head (alreayd planning,yeah yeah I wanna go to fetch it! Get out on the road,my brain screaming on one side,and on the other,shit shit shit,cold cold cold,Patagonia again nooooooooo way).
The event ended  at 7 am (but thats another story) and I kept my brain busy with the question. Should I stay or should I go ... Should I stay or should I go? There is a long weekend,othing planned to do and I wouldnt be able to get a new number till monday. Puerto Montt from Santiago is about1100km.
Pure highway down. But as its feriado,no trucks,just smooth cars,going fast to meet their beloved once.
I could leave after classes on saturday and will be around Puerto Varas around midnight,sleep somewhere over there and get the phone next day,do some documentation fo Puerto varas and get back on Monday!
And distract my head a bit from this rushy metropole...
Temptation temptation ... Uuuuu... I got to Idea,that I will try to call myself.
Trying the phone at house,which I got to know that is blocked for calls on mobiles! Smart  pull,Alex :)
In that moment the silent shouts of Alex,Suzann take this one,just made me believe once again that I have chosen quite an interesting place to stay. (Will write about it later).
I pushed rapidly the number and kept it ringing ... Ringing... ringing. Nothing,voice mail.
Again,ringing,riging and the slow tired voice with wierd accent replayed. Happyness,which was changed later to the anger and disappointment. The guys was really slow in answering and specifying where he exactly is and how all the thing happened and if I would be able to come to take the phone.
In the middle of conversation I ran out of credit and had to charge it again in the nearest gass station. Called again,got to know that my phone is probably in Fresia and that there is almost no buses going around (what the person didnt get that I am wouldnt be comming with bus). When I tried to ask for contact,other than my phone he just told me that he doesnt have one as they stole his phone. In that point I got into panic.
I always like to believe that the people are good,but somehow ... in some point,there is this small me saying be carefull,very very carefull. As he didnt wanted much that if I would come to pick it up that he would give it back.  At the end of the conversation before the Alex's phone credits died again I just got an agreement that when someone would call for classes,he would just call to my home phone (question how he would do that if he doesnt have any other phone,is still eating my brain till now) and that he will come back to santiago till the end of the month,means some day next week as he is a buyer and seller of some things.
I am still in panic and nervosity.
Will I ever get my phone back? - all the contacts which I dont have syncronized,only working camera at this moment and not telling that I somehow have emotional attachment to my things :(
Waiting continues ... And story as well! Wish me luck guys!


  1. I really wish I could help you on buying a new phone with a good camera :(
    unfortunatly i'm still just a poor studant doing internship =/ shit!

  2. Oh come on Leo,your time will come! For sure! One idea - watch a movie,social network on www. cuevana . tv
    Bjx :)

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