Saturday, August 27, 2011

Letni Letná - Prague - New Circus Festival - Walking trough the park at night could be sometimes interesting experience :)

Last time I was in Prague and somehow managed to catch one friend online so we made a meeting in the middle of the night,somewhere in the middle of the park close to Metronom. The place very known in Prague with an amazing view to whole the Prague. As I was approaching to the place I have noticed huge ammount of the people sudden started to gether. There could be seen the lights on behind and some type of strange music.Normaly I would get worried,but this time I got interested and approached to the crowd and was nicely surprised :)

I have just found out that it was the starting concert of the festival of new art type called New Circus. This festival is in Letna Park from 21.8. - 4.9. 2011
Festival full of amazing acrobatic performances with interesting music,poetry,fireworks and much more.
Here is the main page in English with the upcomming program :
So dont miss it ;)

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