Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arriving to Porto Madryn from Bahia Blanca

As many of u already knows,I have arrived safe and sound to Puerto Madryn on thursday night/friday. At midnight. Starting from Bahia Blanca at 1 pm  and this time I didnt have any waiting time.
I got from the center with a bus number 512 to the end station and it wa close to rondabout where the
roads are heading south,east and north. A I dont have a map still,or better said again. From the time I lost it close to Pelotas (better said accidentaly at 3 am left it in the car),I just didnt have nerves to look for new one. And as there is just one way to the south,I hope I wouldnt need it that soon neither. The name of the route is the Route 3.
On the way to Patagonia
Well,though,I came here in 3 rides. The first one for like 5 km to get to the real crossroads headign to the south from someone from part of Jujuy - north part of Argentina having borders with Bolivia. Then I just lifted my thumb and in 2 minutes stopped a truck,where the guy came out to ask me if I would give him "something" for a ride. As I refused,he just jumped in and I hitched again and as he left stopped another truck and took me about 200km going from provincia Buenos Aires down to south. Then as he had to stop (YES - here in argentina they are monitored and they cant really go longer than 12 hours a day without stop and they really cant.Its not like brazil having to mae the road about 2000km in 48 hours,otherwise u wouldnt get paid. And the drives end up on cocaine,arebich and other drugs. In Brazil there is no control at all).
Though I just jumped out and went to buy some wather as the temperatures during the day are normaly really high,about 30,even here on the south. My driver during this time found me another one to go to Perto Madryn directly! :)) I think I just really starting to like to hitchhike here on the south.
I am adding one photo from my mobile phone,as my camera died on the way and sound doesnt work at all,thogh and thogh,here it comes.On the way to Patagonia...

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