Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The story how I really got to Mar del Plata

As all of u know,I really love to hitchhike and this time was it again after more than 3 weeks grounded in one metropolitan city. So it really made me happy to get out. Even though that hitchhiking close to Buenos Aires is very difficult,I managed to get to Mar del Plata (410km) just in 10 hours or so... ;)
I have got there in 5 cars,from the begining not making the distance longer than 10 kilometers with each of them.

 This one was made at 8:30 pm - already dark dark dark as u can see and I am telling u more about who took me and where :)) 

After this I caught my last ride directly to Mar del Plata and had a really nice discussion with 11 year old girl about spiritualism and the ghoasts :)

And yeah,the people as well when they stop behind and u want to go to talk,get paranoid and dont talk to u,or even refuse to open the window,staring at u scared to death, or when they get out they use to lie. But somehow used for this reaction from south of Brazil a bit (even though that is not that strongly paranoid one) and for another one from Europe... So nothing new in the world :)

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