Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to get out from Buenos Aires to direction Mar del Plata hitchhiking!

Well,its the time to move on again. And it came the time to leave Buenos Aires as well. And how otherwise than hicthiking as usual.
Few days ago after giving up the fight with argentinian byrocracy that I would love to see the south before there will be everything under the snow again and though and though,picked up some places where I would like to stop on my way down down down. One of the places which is very famous aby all argentians is Mar del Plata for city being on coast of atlantic ocean.
And I need to see the sea again so badly ...

O.K. Now to the point!
I was asking around,looking online,went trough all the possible information I could find and I didnt find anything about how to get to Mar del Plata hitchhiking from Buenos Aires.
I have decided to look on Googlemaps and try to cosult my findings with guys who are more or less locals and have been to this places.

I was looking on the highway going down from Autopista 25 de Mayo which goes trough San Telmo and the name of it is 2.But then I have been searching with my eyes down down down that I could take a train to some place more suitable. The city public transport is very cheap in Buenos Aires,so that should cost me about 1 peso and something - means 5 crowns,or 20 eurocents for getting out of this gigant :)
Later on I found with my eyes Quilmes,on that I was directly told by natives that is not a good idea - as there are lot of Billas.
Billa - its favela or better said,poorer neighbourhoods,biult illegaly and somehow accepted by government.
Who knows the problematics of favelas in Brazil,Billa has more or less the same status.
Just the population comes from european imigrants. Anyway - I still have to get to highway number 2 somewhere and as there is a crossroad of argentinian highways in Guillermo Hudson,I have decided to try it over there tomorrow. Will see what will be :) Its just 410km. The highways are pretty nice here and I hitchhiking didnt really seem to be that difficult last time. Wish me luck guys!

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  1. Jules,
    Argentina is one of the safest places for Hitchhiking I have ever been to. I hitched nigth and days,no difference - many times withot stop - 36 hours nonstop.
    One thing,please,dont leave links in my comments,as they would be deleted!