Friday, April 1, 2011

Hitchhiking around San Carlos de Bariloche - Cerro Campenario

Cerro Campenario
Yesterday I have decided that after comming to this touristy ski and mountany center it would be a pity just to stay watching the mountains from the window and even though that my leg didnt wantet to obey me at all,I just set on questionary and later on on hitch to Cerro Campenario which is about 27km from Bariloche on the west.

After getting to the Informaition center in the downtown,which is located in Centro Civico with a city hall next to the port in Bariloche,near to Lago Nahuel Huapi,I just got to know,that at that place they cant tell me anything about triles and hiking to the mountain,as they are not certified to. Huh,again,the argentinian burocracy,when one is holding just part of the iinformation or is not allowed to tell the rest and u have to go and look for another point of indicias to get to final winning information which pushes u closer forward to your destiny! Opening the gate and find a treasure XDD no,just kidding.
Looking for a place I just found out that some nice crime had to happen on one street that they absolutely closed it and any kind of information was refused to be given to public,great.
But I managed to find by accident the factory of my belowed Bambi! or at least certified seller.

Well,I would like to tell u something about Bariloche. Its the city laying on foot of the Andies in the district of lakes. So u can find lakes evrywhere and do whichever sport u like. Its a skiresort in the winter as climbing,hiking,water sport resort in the summer.
Bariloche is capital of chocolates and u will find chocolate shops everywhere around.
The most known are Mamushka (amazing chocolate,indeed. Here in argentina they call matriosha mamusha - russian dolls where is one inside of another one hidden. But in Bariloche Mamusha is a chocolate brand L),where u can try some for free even and then u wouldnt resist to buy more,or as well very know Turista and my favourite Patagonic Bambi :)) And and and many many others.I dont know where they are buying chocolate from,as in general in south america the chocolate is extremely expensive and not very good in generaly the states I passed trough - as I dont recommend it to buy it in Brazil,where its about more animal fat inside than cocoa and chocolate and its just extremely expensive and not very good. Sorry,my friends Brazilians :/

The Bariloche is one of the bigger cities in region with 130 000 people out of the season,like now,when asking for a job is just nonsense,as there arent any jobs available.
At least at what I wouuld accept to work in...
Bariloche is part of Patagonia,so its very windy. On the north on km 26 there is a national park called LLao LLao,witch its beauties which I havent explored yet,but about that next time.

Well,when I found out everything I needed I just started to hitch next to the port,first 2 people took me about 2 km each,and there I got to know about 2 universities operating in the Bariloche on the third ride I met the profesor working on research on nuclear reactor in the school :)  Good talks about nuclear physics again ... How I missed that kind of stuff. Sometimes u can have really great talk about everything possible with someone who u have to spend 8 hours in a car,if u of course dont want to get out sooner,about phylosophy,history,theoretical and practical naturals ciences etc. (well this happened to me on the way
from Sarmiento to Bariloche).Anyway,I had no idea that here in a such a small place like Bariloche is Atomic Center. But if I take it like this,how should look like CERN which is located in the middle of the Alps,isnt?

As I got to Cerro Campenario,I decided to climb up,I already noticed that there is no marking of the way and u just choose one by the good sense,so I got up without troubles. The view is really nice from the hill,anyway - short video to prove it.Anyway,here I have to praise chilians for excelent marking of the trails and protection of the nature and as well having special tracks for horses and people.

The trouble started when I had to come back. No markings of the way and bad orientation in the forest of tall trees and muddy surface made that I took one wrong turna nd appeared on some private property. On te gate behind I have seen - Cuidado con el Perro! Opa,guay! (Attention,dog!Great). Not that the path wasnt marked now I had to be fighting with some dogs. I just wished that I wouldnt meet any. Walking slowly on the path further on with a heart squeezes to small size of my chest. Step by step. The black siluet appeared down approaching,running and barking. Yeah,the people here love the big dogs! Me with my lethal weapon - the plastic bottle trying to put in front of me for defence,got frozen. Trying to talk to a dog. Well,he was doing his job,defending the teritory. He tried to even get to me from the back,teeth out,just ready to bite.
If u look on it from another side - what if he did bitten u - some rabbies vaccine are not anything nice,but well,one can survive and for sure he wouldnt kill u,not this time,broen bones,torn tissues and he would go for nice sleepy injection. I would be pity of the animal,as it was really nice black huge dog.
After 15 minutes of rotation,staying calm and not moving much,trying to talk to a dog,he just gave up and went back to the forest.
Continuing on the parth,barking again,more profound,shit,not again!Luckyly there was some fence and some people ove there. The dogs didnt left their property,but the people didnt even helped me out,as I was trying to ask for a way,they just replayed not this one,great! Obviously lost foreigner in the path full of crazy dogs defending their houses is the best thing ever,why to be friendly and show u the way?
Walking trough there came another 2 huge agry dogs and another one on the chain to pass. After about half an hours trying to defend my self with a plastic bottle against barking snaping dogs came a small kid from nearby house and saved me with words,they wont do anything ... (but they didnt look like,even though triing to attack me and why dont u have a fences here???rang in my head). But I just frowned and went away. Finally I got from the crazy area of wild dogs of the size of Bernardin - yeah they have been too,but luckyly in a house with some fences and started to hitch. Normally u dont wait a long,max 10 minutes(what is even less than a bus would come) and got a ride with a guy who was trying to push me in my head that I should stop eating anything with flour that I am extremely obese,though I explained him,why I am like this and he just got shut up :) Yeah,but I know,flour,artificial sugars,eating later than 6 hours before sleep,not sleeping properly or not sleeping at all makes my body to keep all the energy in and it doesnt look or feel that well anymore.
And then I met one Catalan! Meeting european who is not a tourist here its just simply not that easy and still somehow :) It made my day!

Well,though and though,thats the small story from yesterday.

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