Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I came from Bariloche (Argentina) to Valdivia (Chile)

Leaving Bariloche
Truly and sincerly it was quite easy. Ahead I had something like 340 km and as I already know from the south and from Argentina,chilians like to give a ride without any problems. But still.
I started from Bariloche,quite late,in about 2 pm,then I head to head for Villa Angostura. As its already happening in surroundings of Bariloche,noone ever gives u ride for longer than a   few kilometers,2-18km and u will ve very lucky to get longer one,but if u are already in some adequate distance from Bariloche and it touristy areas (where especially over here u wouldnt have problem to find a ride from anywhere to anywhere),its getting faster. 
The only trouble is that the most of Argentinians are staying on Argentinian side and noone is really interested to go to Chile. As the rivality between Chile and Argentina is very strong and hostility in the air as well (yeah the war on Malvinas/Falklands,Sarmiento and other historical things makes the situation between Chile and Argentina quite serious. But well,here we go. I got a long ride to Villa Angostura and then I got picked up with some girls on holidays,where on was a trainer of hockey played on grass (I have no idea which one is it),and anotherone was dreaming secretly when she will finish tourism to do the same  thing as I am doing. Then I just got like 30 km from the border and no car was passing by to the border. 
Already loosing hope stopped the car and the peson was going to Puerto Montt. The guy was polish decendency and was reporter for some sport channel making programs about fishing with a flyies or something like that. I am not the fisherman :D But was going from Puerto Montt directly with flight to Koyaike (the place which seems that magical and attractive,that it has just stuck in my head from the moment I met close to Rivadavia at sunrise few days ago,heading for Bariloche,2 german girls who let them self kick out on spot to hitch to Sarmiento .... From Sarmiento is possible to take a turn to Koyaike,national park,just 2 cities,rutas de ripio - the countryroads not paved on that small part of Chile which is all like a national park. Koyaike... Magic!Bum!

Ok.ok,hush,we got to argentinian border and me always trying to be funny started to talk to the guys over there(normally till the moment they stop having the face like from a stone and make a small smile :) what I have managed this time as well :) 
That reminds me controls in Fry Bentos from Uruguay to Argenina and its international bridge crossing over river which then changes to river Plata. When my passport was taken by one officer and kept hostage for  about half an hour or so,just because I was trying to be funny :P
We passed the Argentinian border without problems, and me with my crazy guesses where your face comes from guess good one bolivian killer on the wall of their office :) I havent seem much bolivians,but this looked pretty bolivianish :D
So we proceeded to Chilian border,which is about 20 km from Argentinian,huh?
But well,we came,all the billion small papers and forms,where u have to write when u are leaving Chile and others stuff (which I was explained once I hitched someone from Carabinieros - police in Torres del Paine with familiars on a vacation,that if I put there 10 days for example and they wouldnt find out that I left the country in 10 days they will start to look for me.Looks creepy,isnt it?  As at that moment I was told that in Chile the people just simply dont get lost. They got lost all around the world,but just in Chile not! Great to hear that :)
And there is another very disturbing thing about crossing chilian border. Means whole luggade check up! Looking for anything eatable originated from any plant and animal or even bijuterie or artesanats from any kind of part,that cant be imported,because they could contaminate this beautiful country named Chile.
Salto de Novios,our pee stop :)
I got in a small fight with an officer,as he wanted to unpack my backpack. If u know my backpack,u as well know,that it takes a while to puut things back and as well to give them an order,though I just told him,if he takes it out, I want him to as well to tide it up back. On that Mr told me that he is going to give me fine.
Me: "And for what?" 
Officer:"For not wanting to obbey the terms of entrance of the state."
Me:"I am not dinaying anything,I just want u to tide up the mess u will make."
and round and round,till he got pissed on and try to threaten me,that he will let me to get arrested. I am sometimes cabeza dura,but the argentinian who was there with me just got a bit unconfortable with me looking for a prove of ridiculusness of whatever the guy told me that at the end I unpacked and packed it again,with question where are toilets. On that I got answer that there and u would have to pay that and that. What? Its for services and keeping clean the enviroment etc. etc. etc. 
Yeah,u know what? We went to forest then :D here u go with your absolute capitalism.

I got to crossroads when my way with Mr reporter were going each one to different direction,mine to Valdivia and his to Puerto Montt. 
These interesting birds were
running close to entrance
of the highway -
look at the long beak
Reminded me darwins
They are big like a chicken
I lifted my finger and second car stopped. God of the thumbing people,bless Chile! :)
Me looking inside seeing 4 guys - means full house frowning on them as looking if there would be any trouble. But I came closer. At the end guy jumped out and put my bag to the trunk and told me to hop in between the guys as they are just going from classes from university in Osorno. Uff,thanks god. And we went,they have been going to Valdivia. The guys got kicked out after 30km and I continued with driver about 30 absolute addict to bussiness. Changing bussniesses as socks,earning and loosing,not sleeping,rotating money as he could. Till the moment he started to telling me the thing like : Wouldnt u get bored looking at the same woman at the same clothes every day,u would for sure,so for me that was my bussness. When he named the girl he spent 7 years with name of mother of my daughter (sounds like incubator,and this was not the first time I heared something such ugly telling about women some chillian,as if the women was just some domestic utencil... Anyway,reminds me Ireland and Irish guys who has these expresions about Irish women as well),obviously any feelings for the lady. And I absolutely resigned on that type of person and trying to have some reasonable conversation with him,in the moment when he was trying to persuade me that the men has right to cheat on women and the cheating men is better than none and I should be happy to find some where I wouldnt find that he is cheating... Oh well,I prefer to be on my own,really than with someone who is abviously using and misusing me.

Thogh and though,here we go! We came to Valdivia and I got to the place where I had to be staying! :)
But there starts another story :)

P.S.: Waiting time in this area less than 20 minutes (on saturday - worst hh day)

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