Sunday, April 24, 2011

Santiago my dear Santiago - or how I spent first few days running around

As I came to Santiago,I had to take some decisions.
And one of the dicisions which I was pushed to,was to try to settle down for a while.
Not that I would be that tired of traveling,but somehow my budget got dry and I didnt got much choices than use
somehow the rest of what have left and try to somehow multiply it.
I started to look for a room and look for a job.
I have made my profile on what is the page where u can find a people who are offering the rooms and u can write something abot yourself as well.
Between getting to know the people I was getting to know the surrounding.
I couchsurfed at the begining and I wanted to write about these interesting people before.
My first cser in Santiago was Nouss. I dont know why,but Nouss from the first look I knew that we will indersteand. The young lady from Cote d' Ivore who at that moment as I was staying at her place,had a bit more serious problem and she almost never show it. At that moments I was at her place, the french army started to bombard the presidential palace in the biggest city of Cote d'Ivore Abijan where is Nouss originaly come from and her dad is still there. Messages like rebbels are running all around the city and they got forbidden to leave the house after midday,seeing forums where people were on twitter or facebook sending the messages where is it dangerous to walk and where not,were kind of normal. In between of all of that,Nouss was trying to help me to look for a job. As here in Chile u have to really walk with your CV prented out in your hand and try to hold it out to every boss of the Bar or whereever u would like to work. I didnt do it till now. As I am really worried about misusig so much paper. And I was told million times in the district of Bellavista,that they are not accepting more foreigners (too many illegals i could be very dangerous bussiness,as chile works in many ways quite alike europe). And furthermore I got to know yesteday that every bussiness should have some 85 percent of employees chilians. Damn!
And yeah,when I got printed out most of the things I have lost my phone in the traffic. But thats another story.

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